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10 Aug 10 Gaited Horse Saddles

5 Things You Should Know About Gaited Horse Saddles

Gaited horse saddles are made and designed to fit many breeds of horses. This helps them in movements regarding their natural gaits. However, there are some horses that have a natural gait, such as the Tennessee Walker, American Saddle Bred, among others. If your horse requires a gaited saddle, and you are not sure of the size of tree for your horse, then you should consider getting your horse “custom fitted”. This type of horse gait is known as “ambling”.

There are 5 things that you should know about gaited horse saddles:

  1. Big shouldered horses , such as quarter horses and thoroughbreds, are more easily fitted
  2. Any type of horse can fit in gaited saddles with angled bars, if the horse has an angle to its top line
  3. There are 2 different gait tree types: wood tree and flex tree. Wood tree gaits are wide or narrow, whereas flex tree are only wide.

4. Gaited saddles are made to enhance a horse’s movement, as well as its balance

5. A poor fit with regard to a gaited saddle puts pressure on a horse’s back and can result in injury

An average horse usually runs in a two- beat footfall. Gaited horses differ, because they use each leg in an independent manner creating a 4 beat gait. This implements a smoother ride, since the horse’s feet are moving independently of each other. This foot movement directs motions to the horse’s shoulders and back. This is why the horse becomes uncomfortable when the saddle does not properly fit. This discomfort quite frequently causes the horse to drop his/her gait, which is not good, especially in a horse show.

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It is important to research the features of gaited saddles. This can be done online, where it is relatively easy to compare sizes, features, styles, designs,

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and prices. The prices for gaited horse saddles begin at affordable

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rates and can go up in the thousands of dollars. For those riders who are involved in horse shows, the more expensive gaited saddles will be necessary. From regular saddles to custom – fitted ones, the varieties are diverse. Many individuals feel the need to have more than one saddle for each horse that they own. Of course, this is a preference for the riders involved.

Prior to purchasing a saddle there are a few things you should do in order to makes sure that the saddle is suitable for both you and your horse:

  • Measure the horse
  • Consider the weight of the rider
  • Measure the rider’s inseam
  • Decide what activity the saddle is being used (Ex.) whether the saddle is for regular riding adventures, or if it is for horse shows. If a saddle is for the purpose of horse shows, a fancier saddle will be needed. This will naturally incur much more expense, than a saddle for regular everyday use.

All in all, a gaited saddle should be purchased with a lot of thought, since its fit involves the comfort and safety of both the horse and the rider.

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